Basic Designs
Troutfly Internet designs, publishes and maintains websites at budget prices. Our websites are clear, easily navigable and get your message across fast. They are also affordable. We offer a professional service that is cost effective. Our service is primarily tailored for small businesses such as bed and breakfast, pubs, hotels, home workers, start-ups and other small enterprises.

Designing Websites for Mobile Devices
As more and more people access the internet using tablets and mobile phones it is increasingly important that websites are designed to render well on mobile devices. Websites with large amounts of varying content can be written with responsive designs. Websites with small amounts of largely fixed content can be produced in multiple sizes to suit desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Email Addresses
Troutfly Internet includes email addresses in all our design and hosting options. Our email addresses (you@yourdomain.co.uk) are POP3/IMAP accounts which are individual, secure and password protected. They can be accessed by email clients or on the web from anywhere in the world. You can have as many email addresses as you like on your domain subject to a fair use policy.